Outdated or end-of-life refrigerants, including foams, are not being managed in an environmentally sound manner, and lead to the accumulation of so-called ODS and HFC banks. These emit substances that harm and deplete the ozone layer and contribute to global warming. Currently, there are no global agreements or infrastructures in place to address this challenge.

This is where the Climate and Ozone Protection Alliance steps in. Together with member countries and diverse actors, the Alliance aims to develop measures to reduce emissions from ODS and HFC banks. Therefore, COPA encourages all its members to communicate and submit their project ideas as a first step of a project preparation process that aims to introduce effective solutions with regard to ODS and HFC banks management collaboratively.

Please fill out the online pdf-form (link below), save it and submit your idea to the COPA Secretariat: 
If you prefer to submit your idea in a different format than the pdf-form, kindly contact the COPA Secretariat.

All project ideas related to ODS and HFC bank management are welcome. However, to illustrate some examples of how a COPA project could look like, we have collected some potential project ideas below.





1. Collection System

Establishing a collection system of ODS and HFC in a metropolitan area

2. Electronic Database

Establishing an electronic database or registry for monitoring leakage control of F-gases

3. Export for Destruction abroad

Exporting of ODS and HFC for destruction abroad

4. Domestic Destruction

Opening a facility for domestic destruction of ODS and HFCs

5. Recycling/ Destruction of Foam

Recycling or destruction of foam that contains ODS and HFC (building foam and manually extracted foam from appliances)

6. Recycling/Reclaiming and Recovering

Appliance recycling/reclaiming and recovering of ODS and HFCs (household refrigerators, small commercial appliances)

7. Reclamation

Launching a reclamation center