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COPA primarily supports countries from the global South (ODA-countries) in creating effective GHG mitigation through ODS and HFC banks management. COPAs activities are to give partners access to the funding and support needed to enact mitigation measures, whether reclamation or destruction mechanisms, leading to new infrastructures that effectively address the global ODS and HFC banks problem.

Countries are welcomed to become members of the alliance and benefit from knowledge-exchange and an international network of actors willing to jointly work on the sustainable management of ODS and HFCs. If you wish to receive further technical and financial support to implement concrete mitigation action you need to apply as a COPA partner country.

In the initial phase COPA cooperates with China (Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China - Foreign Environmental Cooperation Office) and Ghana (Ministry of Environment Science Technology and Innovation - Environmental Protection Agency). COPA is working with the two countries to define country-specific commitments and implement first pilot actions. The results and expertise can then be transferred and multiplied to other countries.

COPA will focus on mitigation actions in metropolitan regions as ODS and HFC waste stocks mostly accumulate in densely populated areas.

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UNDP is willing to support the partners to strengthen their systems for the reduction of ODS and HFCs banks emissions.

Xiaofang Zhou, Director at UNDP's Montreal Protocol Unit