Become a Member

By joining the Climate and Ozone Protection Alliance you will get access to a platform supporting exchange and international cooperation between various stakeholders. Together we will work on holistic solutions needed to reduce ODS and HFC banks.

We share technical know-how and facilitate mutual learning.
We promote international dialogue and exchange.
We help you access funding and technical support to take action on the ground.
We want you to work on solutions with us.

Members can contribute with

Advocacy and Awareness-Raising

Use their reach, visibility, and credibility to help COPA raise its profile and be a catalyst for action on sustainable refrigerant management

Information and Knowledge Sharing

Provide market data, information, technical expertise on efficient, climate friendly cooling to participate in the issue papers and reports of COPA

Implementation and Technology Transfer

Use their core business competencies to deliver training, projects and programs at the local, national, and regional levels.

Policy and Standard Setting

Contribute to setting policy agenda and developing & implementing best practice policies & standards.


Combine expertise/capacity with Alliance members in new ways to develop, test or share new products, technologies, services and approaches.

Financing Institutions

Develop financial mechanisms and offer funding sources in support of sustainable refrigerant management

Become a member

ODA- and non-ODA Countries are welcomed to become members of the alliance and benefit from knowledge-exchange and an international network of actors willing to jointly work on the sustainable management of ODS and HFCs.

You are invited to contact us and express your interest to join COPA. If you want to show your support to shift to sustainable refrigerant management, you can sign the non-legally binding Declaration.

Governments are furthermore invited to sign the Statement of Undertaking and become a COPA partner. This document includes a commitment to permanently reduce ODS and HFC banks and to formulate corresponding national targets and required policies.


Eligible for funding
If you wish to receive further technical and financial support to implement concrete mitigation action you need to apply as a COPA partner country.
Eligible for technical support and funding are countries eligible for Official Development Assistance (ODA) and who have signed the COPA Declaration and the Statement of Undertaking.

COPA is open to all organisations and representatives from the public and the private sector, academia and civil society. With the application you signify that your organisation is interested in becoming a member of COPA. The membership implies the support of the vision of COPA and an active participation in one or more working groups.

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