COPA Activities

  • Brings together and networks all relevant actors – from both private and public sectors.
  • Raises awareness on the topic of ODS and HFC banks through global dialogue and exchange.
  • Prepares market studies and concepts for the pilot implementation of mitigation measures in diverse regions.
  • Shares technical know-how and findings to promote mutual learning and progress in sustainable refrigerant management.
  • Helps drive governmental policies and regulations for an effective management of ODS and HFC banks.
  • Provides the responsible parties – both private and public – with tailored guidelines, tools, and mitigation solutions to reduce emissions from ODS and HFC banks.
  • Gives partners access to the funding and support needed to enact mitigation measures, whether reuse, reclamation, or destruction mechanisms.


COPA works jointly with partner countries and diverse actors across private and public sectors to advance the holistic solutions needed to reduce ODS and HFC banks, and ultimately complete the shift in the cooling sector to sustainable refrigerant management. Below you can see a short overview of the different kind of services COPA provides to various stakeholders.

COPA Member Services for...

  • Access to technical and financial support for building up regulatory framework and refrigerant management infrastructure 
  • Access to knowledge and mutual learning 
  • International positioning
  • International positioning and setting the scene for best practices
  • Access to knowledge and mutual learning 
  • Exchange with other countries on best practices
  • Coordinated diverse team of experts supporting project development and channel (inter)national financing
  • Implementation of cost-efficient GHG mitigation measures
  • Platform for exposure on sustainable refrigerant management
  • Networking
  • Support project developments and enable business opportunities
  • Access to technical know-how and financial support
  • Support in setting up EPR schemes
  • Platform for exchange with both private and public actors on sustainable refrigerant management
  • Access to data & resources
  • Network with and access to relevant actors from the private and public sector
  • Amplified reach and enhanced impact