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01 /2024

COPA Webinar on ODS/HFC Reclamation and destruction technologies

Sustainable ODS/HFC banks management has the potential to considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, manifold barriers hinder its effective implementation, ranging from policy and administrative barriers for the movement of ODS/HFC waste to the lack of reclamation and destruction infrastructure.

On 10th January COPA started its activities in 2024 with a webinar aboutODS/HFC Reclamation and destruction technologies and a review for Articles 5 countries. The speaker Manuel Prieto Garcia from HEAT GmbH provided the participants with insights into the recently published COPA study “ODS/HFC reclamation and destruction technologies – A review for Article 5 countries”.

He provided an overview of technical solutions for the successful end-of-life management of ODS/HFCs and information on the conditions, challenges, available technologies, and current state of ODS/HFC reclamation and destruction practices in Article 5 countries. Furthermore, he emphasized the interconnectedness of technology with policy measures, sustainable financing, and collection mechanisms in achieving sustainable ODS/HFCs management. The many questions asked during the presentation and in the Q&A session showed the importance of this topic among the participants, especially of the costs of recovering the gases and the prices of reclamed refrigerants. For a deep dive into the Q & A session click here.

This webinar, hosted by the Climate and Ozone Protection Alliance (COPA), was the second of a threefold-webinar series addressing each a different facet of ODS and HFC banks management: policy, technology, and finance. Every webinar will expound upon new studies developed by COPA Thematic Working Groups and members.

Missed the event or want to take a look at it again? Please click here for the presentation and here for the recording.