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11 /2023

COPA Webinar on the potential policy framework for promoting sustainable ODS/HFC bank management

Sustainable ODS/HFC banks management has the potential to considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, manifold barriers hinder its effective implementation, ranging from policy and administrative barriers for the movement of ODS/HFC waste and lack of guidance for emission reporting to the lack of financial resources.

On 27th November COPA started its threefold-webinar series addressing different facets of ODS and HFC banks management, including policy, technology and finance. Every webinar will expound upon new studies developed by COPA Thematic Working Groups and members. The webinar focused on the sustainable management of ODS and HFC banks. The speaker Irene Papst from HEAT GmbH explored the results of a newly published study, "Potential Policy Framework for the Promotion of Sustainable ODS/HFC Banks Management".

The study underscores the importance of robust national policy frameworks to complement existing international agreements, thereby amplifying their effectiveness and yielding better results. It illustrates how a comprehensive set of policies can lead to a significant reduction in ODS and HFC bank emissions, aligning with the goals of the Paris Agreement and contributing to the restoration of the ozone layer. Additionally, the study provides detailed guidance for national policymakers on addressing identified barriers at a national level. This comprehensive approach is vital for advancing the management of ODS and HFC banks, which remains a significant aspect of the international climate debate. The study's insights and recommendations aim to support nations in achieving substantial emissions reduction in the long term, with the support of implementing partners and financial donors.

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