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04 /2024

Empowering Master Trainers at Lilongwe Technical College, Malawi

From February 19th to 23rd, 2024, a training of master trainers took place at Lilongwe Technical College in Malawi. The training was jointly conducted by COPA and UNIDO aiming to enhance technical expertise to operate and maintain cooling technologies based on natural refrigerants in Malawi. Six master trainers, of which 3 male and 3 female, underwent intensive sessions covering theoretical insights and practical applications.

The training focused on operating the JV-90 reclaim unit, providing participants with essential guidance for effective and safe utilization. The participants also gained insights into domestic refrigeration simulation units. They learned how to use small refrigeration and air conditioning servicing tools that are commonly used in the maintenance and repair of small-scale refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

This initiative not only equips master trainers with advanced skills but also promotes gender inclusivity within technical education as 50 % of participants were female. By disseminating their enriched knowledge, these trainers will catalyze the advancement of technical education in Malawi, ensuring a brighter future for students and the industry alike.