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Online Event

05 /2023

Webinar: Sustainable ODS and HFC banks management through complementary action of the Climate Ozone Protection Alliance to the Multilateral Fund

On May 9th, COPA hosted a webinar for National Ozone Officers and representatives of implementing agencies with the title: “Sustainable ODS and HFC banks management through complementary action of the Climate Ozone Protection Alliance to the Multilateral Fund”. The aim of the webinar was to present COPA's objectives and the efforts of the Multilateral Fund (MLF) to address ODS and HFC banks, and to identify COPA’s synergies with the MLF funded action on ODS and HFC banks management.

Who was Invited and what did we talked about?

The two sessions of the webinar reached a total number of 100 participants, including representatives of National Ozone Units, Implementing Agencies, COPA members, and other stakeholders.

The event started with welcome remarks by Bernhard Siegele, Programme Manager of GIZ Proklima. After this warm welcome, Ellen Michel, Head of the COPA Secretariat, introduced the Alliance to the audience and talked about how COPA complements the activities financed by the MLF on ODS and HFC banks management. Finally, Irene Papst, HEAT, presented the MLF's new funding window on ODS banks. She also used this opportunity to present COPA's new publication, the updated Guideline to Conduct an Inventory of Use or Unwanted Controlled Substances. The webinar was moderated by Lara Teutsch, Advisor at Proklima.


                                                                                                                 About the the MLF funding window                                                    In their 91st Meeting in December 2022, the Executive Committee (ExCom) of the MLF to the Montreal Protocol decided to establish a funding window for activities on banks of used or unwanted controlled substances (Decision 91/66). The decision is an important step towards improved framework conditions for the sustainable management of ODS and HFC banks in the medium term. However, there is aneed for complementary implementation measures as well as mobilization of additional funds to bring action plans into practice. As the window of opportunity for climate action is closing, the time to step up mitigation action on ODS and HFC banks is now.                                                                                                                                           

 Brief for Article 5 countries

This briefing paper provides an overview of COPA support for partner countries to complement activities on ODS and HFC bank management financed by the MLF.

  1. Provide a standard methodology for inventories and national action plans
  2. Complement national inventories with status quo analyses in selected urban areas
  3. Support mitigation project design based on inventories and status-quo analyses
  4. Support mobilizing finance for collection, reclamation and destruction activities.


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